YODA, a cat with four ears. Beautiful in her own way.

Meet YODA, a 4-eared cat. That’s right, he has 4 ears! Yoda’s life story began with rejection. No one would adopt him because of his strange appearance. That is until Valerie, a 65 year old lady, laid eyes on him and immediately fell in love. Yoda is a normal and active cat. The extra ears were said to be caused by genetic mutation but it did not pose any health effects on him. They’re not functional, they’re just.. there. Yoda’s extra ‘flaps’ are separate to the base of his skull, with one placed slightly behind the other.

Upon bringing him to the vet, even the doctors were shocked. They’ve never seen anything like Yoda before. As a result, Yoda has a microchip installed in case he gets lost and also was told to be kept indoors as he might get cat-napped due to his unique appearance and internet fame.

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