“The Incredible Shrinking Feline: How This Petite Cat Defies Science’s Memory”


Researchers are bringing attention to the need for more research support for animals in the Eastern Ghats, specifically the rusty spotted cat. This small wild cat, which is about half the size of its domestic counterpart, shares its habitat with the tiger in the Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve in Andhra Pradesh. While the tiger is closely monitored, little is known about the status of the rusty spotted cat. Wildlife enthusiasts in the state have a unique opportunity to study both ends of the cat spectrum in the same sanctuary, making it all the more important to gather more research on this elusive species that has been recorded in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. These concerns will be brought to the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders meeting in Washington D.C.

Numerous experts in the wildlife field refer to it as the tiniest species of cat in the wild; however, some argue that the African black-footed cat meets the criteria. The small Indian feline is currently classified as ‘Near Threatened’ on the IUCN Red List, but its status in the Eastern Ghats is uncertain, according to Murthy Kantimahanti, founder of the Eastern Ghats Wild Life Society (EGWS). While this cat is found in all Eastern Ghats forests, no substantial research has been conducted on it. Mr. Murthy has been invited to a conservation meeting in Washington D.C where he plans to advocate for more comprehensive studies on various species of wildlife in the Eastern Ghats. Check out this cool video of the Rusty Spotted Cat!

The source of the video is from YouTube.

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