Found on The Sidewalk, Huddled up Against The Cold, A Special Needs Brother And Sister Struggle To Keep Warm!

They Were Found on The Sidewalk, Huddled up Together, Trying Their Best To Keep Warm.

it was clear two kittens who were huddled up together on the sidewalk were struggling to stay warm, so concerned neighbors in Brooklyn, New york immediately contacted infinite Hope Animal Rescue for help.

Though very timid, the freezing pair refused to move, so it was relatively easy for the team to pluck them off the sidewalk and take them to safety.

“it was after we caught them that we realized their faces look different,” said a representative from infinite Hope. “The vet who examined them said that it is a chromosomal abnormality — a feline version of Down Syndrome.”

The orange tabby was also found to have a condition called entropion. This is when an eyelid rolls inward against the eyeball. He was also very noticeably shy, constantly seeking his sister for reassurance.

His little sister, a torbie, was by far the braver of the two and gave him the comfort he sought by way of lots of cuddles.

Her brother would later get much-needed eye surgery to relieve the pain, and keep constant infections at bay. He was soon nursed back to health by his foster Mom, his little sister never far from his side.

While this was all going on, Michelle parson happened to be surfing petfinder when she came across two feline siblings, a brother and sister. Having just lost her beloved cat of 10 years, she didn’t feel ready for another cat. However, these two siblings kept popping into her head when she least expected it.

Still having the image of the very cute duo stuck in her brain weeks later, Michelle decided to check in to petfinder and see how they were going? She was surprised to see they were still up for adoption? So she showed the pictures to her son, who immediately named the orange tabby “Auggie,” from the movie “Wonder.” She then thought of the name “Calliope,” for the sister. Soon these once homeless cats would have a forever home.

Needless to say, Michelle sent in her application and it was easily approved. it soon proved to be one of the most rewarding decisions she had ever made.

“We are so in love with these two faces. We are happy to say that we are so blessed to be their forever home. We plan to love and spoil them with toys, treats, hugs, and kisses. We have named them Auggie (orange tabby) and Calliope. it symbolizes our love for books and music.”

in around a week, Michelle and her family got to welcome the brother and sister into their new home. They were very nervous at first, but little by little, curiosity began to overpower fear.

“They have been hiding, but Calliope the Brave is the first one to come out to check out her new house. i just love her face,” Michelle shared.

“Finally got a picture of Auggie. They are in their little safe space until the morning. i am seriously in love with this face.”

once they realized they were safe, and had finished their tentative exploration of their new home, the two siblings began to come out of their shells.

Soon they had fully relaxed and were running around the house, playing, chasing, and having fun.

They loved all their new toys and watching bird Tv. When they were not doing that they could be found cuddling and snuggling.

Dexter the dog accepted them right off the bat and soon, they too completely relaxed around him too.

“The king of comfy cozy doesn’t mind sharing his bed.”

“The kitchens a little crowded.”

Calliope was always there for Auggie, scoping things out first to make sure it was safe for her brother.

it didn’t take long and Calliope had completely relaxed, which meant Auggie could too. The siblings were soon very much at home in their new home, with their new family.

“They don’t go a day without hugs and kisses.”

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