When Shaving Unveils the Truth Behind the Cat’s Weight

With an angry look in her eyes, she seemed to be protesting against a long-standing argument: that her excess weight was solely due to her hair. However, now, with her fur gone, there could be no more attributing her plump appearance to her once luscious coat.

In the aftermath of the shaving, a mixture of emotions filled the air. The cat’s angry gaze held a hint of embarrassment, as if she felt that her claim had been debunked. Yet, there was also a glimmer of acceptance. It was as if the cat realized that her weight was not solely attributed to her hair, but perhaps to other factors as well.

Chú mèo úp mặt vào tường, hờn dỗi cả thế giới vì bị cạo lông làm đẹp - Ảnh 3.

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