The Elegance and Grace of the Arabic Cat Breed

The Origin of the Persian Cat

The Persian cat (also known as the Persian cat) is a breed of cat that originated in ancient Persia (present-day Iran). They are considered as native cats in Iran today. Bred by the British, they now grow very strongly in European countries. Classification of Persian Cats

There are 4 types of Persian cats:

  1. Purebred Persian (traditional, aka flat-faced cat)
  2. Exotic cat (or Persian short-haired cat)
  3. Himalayan
  4. Cats Chinchilla cat

Persian cat appearance characteristics

Appearance: Big head, flat face, big colorful eyes, shorter and smaller nose than normal cats, slightly drooping and small ears

Weight: Average about 3-5 kg

Length: Adult cats have a length of 25-30 cm

Coat: The cat’s coat is attractive, the cat has 2 coats on the outside, the long coat covers the inside with a warm short coat.

Lifespan: They can live 10-15 years if well developed, this breed adapts to the environment very well

Reasons to adopt a Persian cat

Persian cat has a small and beautiful appearance, warm coat, so it will be very comfortable to hold the cat. In addition, this cat breed also loves to be close to people and easy to take care of.

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