Ragdoll Cats: Elegant and Affectionate Feline Friends

Ragdoll cat appearance

These beautiful cats are large and muscular with long, soft fur. The Ragdoll is a low-shedding cat breed, but you may notice heavier seasonal shedding in the spring.

With beautiful blue eyes, polka dots and long fur. These cats are 23-28 cm tall and usually 43-53 cm in length. They weigh 4.5 – 10 kg, with male ragdolls usually being heavier.

Ragdoll cat personality

This adorable breed is just as docile as the other cats. In fact, the name “ragdoll” comes from their tendency to limp when picked up. These cats love to be held and petted and will relax in your arms until you let them down.

The ragdoll’s personality is intelligent, gentle, and super affectionate. These kind-hearted cats love and crave human attention, but they are rarely demanding.

Ragdolls are extremely loyal and devoted to humans, making them great companion pets. Ragdoll cats love to spend their days lounging in a cat hammock or sleeping in a sunny spot. But that doesn’t mean these cats are lazy.

Despite their long coat, they don’t shed much. You should also brush their coat regularly every day to keep their coat free of clumps and tangles.

When it comes to noise, you may not hear much from these cats. Ragdolls don’t tend to make a lot of noise unless something is bothering them. When they speak up, they often meow sweetly to let you know they are hungry or in need of love.

Unlike most cats, incapable of conquering the high points of the house. These cats like to lie low to the ground.

Ragdoll cat’s living needs

Ragdolls are generally easy to care for and are suitable for most families, children, adults and the elderly. This breed also gets along well with other pets.

You can go to work all day and they will definitely miss you. These cats crave human attention. And when you leave for just a few short hours, don’t be surprised to return to find them waiting patiently at your door.

Ragdolls love to be cuddled, getting their name from their tendency to want to stay in their owners’ arms.

Although ragdolls are very docile, that does not mean they are lazy. These cats love to play and be part of family activities. So be sure to stock up on cat toys, scratching posts, and extra cardboard boxes. After a busy day, they will feel happier when they are relaxed in your arms or in your lap.

The ragdoll’s grooming needs are relatively simple. These are very clean animals. When you notice their fur looks greasy and sticky, that’s when you should put her in the bath.

Ragdolls are playful animals, they are not great climbers. This breed does not require many extras in terms of exercise. You can expect them to spend a lot of time lying around, with short periods of play and activity between occasional naps.

Ragdolls are usually easy to train cats. They can learn how to come when called, how to get toys and other fun. They are also often quick to grasp the basics, like using a rake and trash can.

Health of the Ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cats have a long lifespan of 13–18 years and are generally healthy pets.
The ragdoll’s biggest health risks include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and urinary tract problems. It is important to check them regularly as adults.
Fun facts
The Ragdoll was named the most popular cat breed by the Cat Fanciers Association of 2019 and 2020. Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift also has three cats, including one Ragdoll.

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