One-Month-Old Kitten Rescued by Kind-Hearted Individuals After Being Deserted and Covered in Adhesive on Roadway

The rescued kitten, dubbed Palomita, meaning Little Pigeon because of the feathers, is currently being cared for by vet Daniella Herrera.


According to Herrera, the kitten was found in a serious condition but she believes it will recover.

She said the little feline was suffering from dehydration, hypothermia and hypoglycaemia.

Herrera added: ‘We have to keep bathing her so her skin does not get too irritated. She only weighs 200 grams (7 ounces) so we do not want to poison her.’


The kitten is also suffering from kidney problems and the vet said it is recovering step by step.

Herrera is updating the cat’s recovery process on her Instagram account, adding that the kitten will be adopted by a family once it has fully recovered.

She said on Instagram: ‘It needs to gain weight and strength so it can meet its forever family who are very loving.’







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