Lying Motionless on The Side of The Road, She See’s The Tiny Body Take A Shallow Breath!

Riding Her Bike To Work early one Morning She Sees A Sad Sight Lying on The Side of The Road And Stops To See if She Can Help.

She’s on her way to work one morning, riding her bike, when she sees a kitten lying on the side of the road. Stopping to see if there is anything she can do she finds she is too late. The poor little thing is beyond her help.

its tiny body was covered in flies and eggs, there was not the slightest movement. knowing there was nothing she could do she is about to move on when something shocking happened!

The kitten shudders and takes a shallow breath, somehow it is clinging on to life. Reddit user old_Donkey_Teeth was shocked that even in this condition it was somehow still alive!

She quickly scooped it up from the side of the road and rode as quickly as she could to the nearest vet, forgetting she needed to start work.

When they arrived at the clinic, due to the seriousness of the kitten’s condition the vet saw it immediately. She was in very bad shape; not even a third of the weight she should be for her age.

She was severely malnourished and covered in fleas and maggots.

old_Donkey_Teeth decided that she had to save this kitten giving her the name Trinket. once Trinket had received the necessary treatment she needed from the clinic her rescuer took her home.

Trinket was still in very poor condition and things were very much up in the air as to whether she would survive or not?

Fortunately, by the time the kitten was about a month old, she’d recovered from her health issues and began behaving like a normal kitten.

She’s friendly and sweet, and she loves to ride her mom’s bike with her to and from the store, work and many other places.

it looked like this was a match made in Heaven or some sort of divine intervention that old_Donkey_Teeth noticed the kitten on the side of the road that fateful morning.

Trinket loved visiting her rescuer’s office, where she charmed the woman’s coworkers. everything seemed like it was going to be just fine … until the seizures started.

Due to her very rough beginnings, the vet discovered Trinket had brain damage, which was causing the seizures. it was just one more hurdle for Trinket to overcome – and somehow, she did.

in time, the seizures went away, and Trinket continued to grow and heal.

unfortunately, Trinket’s rescuer eventually realized the tiny kitten was not getting along with her other cats and really needed to be the only cat in a home.

Luckily, one of the old_Donkey_Teeth coworkers who had met Trinket during her time at the office fell in love with her and offered to take her in, and still sends her original rescuer updates and pictures all the time.

Now, Trinket is the life she was always meant to.

Living like a queen

She went from being barely alive to having more life in her than most, and with any luck, she has only happy days ahead.

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