During a casual game night, a stray kitten unexpectedly wandered into a man’s apartment, and their chance encounter led to a heartwarming forever home.

Since the kitten didn’t have a microchip and no one’s looking for her, Adam decided to adopt her. He brought the kitten to the vet and had her treated for fleas, parasites, and worms. He named her Tuna and she has been sleeping in his bed ever since that night. According to Adam, Tuna is playful and energetic, but at the same time, affectionate and adorable. Tuna is definitely one of the best surprises in Adam’s life.

In a single day, Adam Laigo’s life changed forever.

He always wanted a pet, but he didn’t think he’d get one in the most unexpected way.

During a game night with his friends, they saw a stray cat trying to get inside the apartment.

The cat got scared and ran away, but Adam baited her with food and got her to come inside the apartment.

He gave her a can of tuna and she finished all of it. She cuddled up next to Adam to repay his kindness.

Since no one was looking for the cat and she didn’t have any microchip, Adam decided to adopt her.

He named her Tuna and she has been sleeping in Adam’s bed since that night.

Adam had her treated at the vet and has been living happily with the playful and affectionate cat ever since.

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