Brody the St. Bernard’s Touching Friendship with an Unexpected Neighbor

The Heartwarming Tale of Brody, the St. Bernard, and His Unlikely Friendship with a Neighbor

The Heartwarming Friendship Between a 95-Year-Old Woman and a St. Bernard

Eric Johnson once said, “Your heart will melt and your spirit will soar when you come to understand the lovely friendship between a 95-year-old Dutch woman named Sally and a 2-year-old St. Bernard named Brody.” And he couldn’t be more right.


Sally and Brody’s friendship began when the St. Bernard was just a puppy. Sally’s daughter brought Brody over for a visit, and the two immediately hit it off. Since then, Brody has become a regular visitor to Sally’s home, and the two have developed an unbreakable bond.

Despite their age difference, Sally and Brody share a love for each other that transcends words. They spend their time together playing, cuddling, and simply enjoying each other’s company. Sally even shares her meals with Brody, who always seems to be hungry.



Brody has also become somewhat of a celebrity in Sally’s neighborhood. Everyone knows and loves the big, friendly St. Bernard who always has a wagging tail and a slobbery kiss for anyone who comes his way. He’s even been known to help out around the neighborhood, carrying groceries for elderly residents or helping children cross the street safely.

Sally’s family is incredibly grateful for Brody’s presence in her life. They say that he has brought a new level of joy and happiness to their mother, who was previously quite lonely. Brody’s visits have become a highlight of Sally’s week, and she looks forward to each and every one of them.



It’s easy to see why Sally and Brody’s friendship has captured the hearts of so many people. In a world that can often be harsh and unforgiving, their love for each other serves as a reminder of the simple beauty that can be found in a true and genuine friendship.

As Eric Johnson said, “Your heart will melt and your spirit will soar” when you witness the pure and innocent friendship between Sally and Brody. It’s a bond that will undoubtedly continue to inspire and delight for many years to come.


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