“Against All Odds: Resilient Pooch Defies 90% Survival Odds and Brings Joy to His Loving Family”

Despite being in pain, our beloved dog never stopped trying to comfort us by licking our face. We noticed that he did not enjoy it when we cried, so we decided to move into a van solely for the purpose of accommodating our furry friends.

Our days were filled with constant excitement, little did we know that a drastic event was about to alter everything – Dagwood was struck by a vehicle.


We drove Bertha at maximum speed for 300 miles to reach an emergency vet. By the time we arrived after six hours, it had already been this long since he was hit. The vet gave us a grim prognosis of less than 10% chance of survival.


People around her asserted that she hasn’t encountered Dagwood yet, but she remained optimistic and repeated to herself that he made it through that tough drive. She firmly believed that if there was any dog capable of surviving such a challenge, it would be him.

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